Places to buy real ale in Cardiff

This is a rolling, hopefully updating list of decent places to buy beer from in Cardiff. Yes, I’ve probably missed a fair few places, but give me chance – I’ve only been here a month or so.

Artisan Brewery: So far as I can tell, the only place you can buy Artisan Brewery’s Bare Naked Beers is from the brewery itself. It’s located in the Cardiff suburb of Canton, down an easy-t0-miss alleyway (for reference, it’s roughly opposite a mini-warehouse on the other side of the street).

The brewery is open for bottle sales every Saturday from 12 noon to 7pm. July, they were offering a 10% discount on a dozen bottles. Lately there also seems to be a t-shirt offer. The range of beers available varies depending on what’s been brewed lately. Each 500ml bottle is approximately £3.50. When I went, the owner was kind enough to let me sample the wares so it wasn’t a blind purchase, given that they’re hard to find elsewhere.

On the first Saturday of each month the brewery also opens up a bar and puts on a barbecue. Best to check the website for details.

Morgan Philip & Sons: Located near to the Artisan Brewery, at the end of Wyndham Crescent in Canton, so you can make the most of your time and hit both on a Saturday. A modest beer collection, though I’m suspicious of their tendency toward displaying beer in the window. Remember: sunlight can destroy the taste of beer in clear or green glass bottles, and even beer in brown bottles can be damaged over time.

Mainly local and national beers and not much in the way of international craft beers or small breweries that aren’t Welsh. Also sells some snacks.

The Bottle Shop: On Pen Y Lan Road, but effectively at the end of Albany Road in Roath. Has about as much shelf space dedicated to beer as Morgan Philip’s, but casts a wider net and draws in a better range of craft beers. The best beer retailer I’ve encountered in Cardiff to date.

Beers include Anchor, Flying Dog, Brain’s Craft Brewery, BrewDog…

Waitrose (Queen Street): By no means an extensive range, perhaps a dozen at most, but if you’re in the city centre and fancy a quick beer for the evening without trawling over to Roath or Canton then Waitrose will see you right. I’ve bought Thornbridge beers from there in the past.

The Spirit Shop(?): There’s a promisingly named shop on St. Mary Street in the city centre. Despite the enviable location and floor space, it sells little of anything, and what it does sell is uninspired. Possibly a front for organised crime.


4 thoughts on “Places to buy real ale in Cardiff”

  1. The best shop to buy beer in Cardiff is Discount Supermarket on Whitchurch Road; large selection of Belgian, German, US and British beer, and trendy shit like Mikkeller. Far better selection than the Bottle Shop.

  2. I heard vague mentions of this place, but being called ‘Discount Supermarket’ I didn’t look too closely into it. Thanks for the heads up, I’ll go that way soon (my beer cupboard is running empty).

  3. Ah, someone beat me to it, but yes the Discount supermarket wins hands down. Amazing range, true ‘kiddie in sweet shop’ feeling when you start looking at the shelves.
    Also known as the ‘cardiff beer shop’, the owner is a top bloke, really happy to chat about the beers. Look at my post here for a picture and idea of the range you can buy

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