The Beer With No Name

Pepsi on one side, Artisan on the other, and you in the middle.

Apparently, Pepsi own the word ‘naked’. When they found out the Artisan Brewing Co, a one-man brewery in a leafy suburb of Cardiff, had ‘Bare Naked Beer’ as their branding, Pepsi Co lawyers were despatched in helicopter gunships to sue the shirt off Artisan’s back, and then sue them for being naked (allegedly). Because Pepsi own that word now, at least in the context of liquid beverages. Never mind that Artisan make beer, and Pepsi make soft drinks, two vastly opposing spheres of beverage.

So, Artisan can no longer use ‘Bare Naked Beer’, a branding which perfectly summed up their unfiltered, vegan-friendly, additive free beer. They’re now looking for a new brand image, and if you can help them come up with it, you’ll win 100 beers.

Competition ends Feb 1st 2013. Pepsi employees need not apply.

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