What is Craft Bear?

Craft Bear: A hot topic
Craft Bear: A hot topic

The question everyone is asking right now is “What is Craft Bear? How do we define Craft Bear from Real Bear?”

Some say Craft Bear is the same as Real Bear; it’s merely a marketing ploy and/or hipster-trend to move away from the pipe and slippers bear image, to a funkier, low-jeans and skateboard bear. Both Craft Bear and Real Bear have the same variety: for example, either may have glossy, shiny coats, or manky fur, depending on the bear keeper’s intent. This makes it difficult to tell them apart.

Left: A Real Bear      Right: A Craft Bear
A Real Bear                                   A Craft Bear

Generally, it’s an intuitive thing. Craft Bear styles tend to be esoteric, such as the Albino Black Bear style, or even the controversial Red Panda style. Since the Red Panda is not actually a bear, many Real Bear enthusiasts refuse to acknowledge it, while Craft Bear fans seem to enjoy the revulsion it causes in their Real Bear rivals.

Also, you need to look at the serving method. Most Real Bears are served in the usual 1 tonne measurement, while stronger or more aromatic Craft Bears are increasingly served in 1/3rd or half-tonne measurements.

Red Panda: Not  a Real Bear
Red Panda: Not a Real Bear

Most, if not all, Real Bears refuse to be kept in kegs, while Craft Bears don’t give a shit in the woods. Of course, there are always exceptions. At the end of the day, though, the issue shouldn’t be about Real Bears and Craft Bears, but Good Bears and Bad Bears. Anyone can produce Bad Bears, but just because it claims to be a Real Bear or a Craft Bear doesn’t mean you should try to drink it. Many people have suffered horribly after trying to drink a Bad Bear.

So, what do you think? Is it time to put the Craft Bear vs Real Bear debate to rest in its cave, or does it serve a purpose? Does the debate help or hinder our quest for Good Bears?

Always run like hell from Bad Bears
Always run like hell from Bad Bears

3 thoughts on “What is Craft Bear?”

  1. There’s nothing more sickening than when people are cruel to their bears. The number of times I’ve visited RateBear or BearAdvocate, and read unnecessarily harsh reviews of bears (too much fur, not enough fur, too angry, not angry enough), leads me to believe that there is an inherent negativity in the bear blogging community.

    A lot of these people don’t deserve the bears they have, and others need to open their minds to bears that they wouldn’t normally try. I think what’s needed is a more open-minded attitude towards bears of all origins. People should forget about Real Bears and Craft Bears, and remember that we all just love Bears.

  2. Sometimes bears, good or bad, are very confused. I remember running into a small bear in a duffel coat who claimed a Peruvian heritage. As far as I know they don’t have Craft Bears in Peru. Mostly Llamabrucha.

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