Cardiff pubs: April’s News and Rumours

police squad

“What’s the word on street, Johnny?”

There’s not a great deal of news on the Cardiff beer scene lately. Well, other than the rebrand of the Artisan Brewery, maybe. The Bare Naked Beer branding has been destroyed as per court order, and the new branding of ‘Pipes’ has been unveiled. Notice how Pipes is an anagram for Pepsi? A subtle two-fingers aimed at the corporation that caused them so much hassle, perhaps.


Meanwhile, the new brewer at Zero Degrees, Alex, has brewed a pale ale called Urban Gull. This has been made using the ingredients to hand left over by the previous brewer, who also left plenty of brewed stock to ensure a seamless transition. The word is that Alex isn’t too thrilled with the ingredients he found on his arrival, so this hints at some new innovative brews to come at Zero Degrees once he gets going. New kolsch glasses may also be on the cards for Zero Degrees.

On the pub side, the Gatekeeper is rumoured to have a cracking beer festival on, while Fire Island have started doing ‘Meet the Brewer’ events. They currently take place on (most) Sundays at 6pm. For £6, you get a buffet, a flight of beers, and a chance to meet the brewer. On April 7 they hosted Otley; on April 21 Celt Experience will be visiting, and on the 28th it will the Waen Brewery. Tickets are available on request at the bar.

Following the catastrophic boiler failure at the Goat Major during National Pie Week, they are thinking of giving it another go later in the year and bringing out all of the special pie recipes they previously developed. Nothing is certain at this time, though.

I heard all of this from a bloke in a pub, so it must be true.


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