Cardiff pub news and rumours: July

police squad

“What’s the word on the street, Jonny?”

Rumours regarding a BrewDog bar for Cardiff continue to ricochet round like bullets inside a steel keg; BrewDog themselves are being fairly cagey about the notion, but the growing belief is that they’re sizing up the Canton district, a short walk from the city centre. While BrewDog generally aren’t too fussed if their bars are city centre based or not, the thinking is that they’re looking to avoid falling foul of Cardiff Council’s strict plastic glassware rule for pubs and clubs during match games. Whether Canton falls outside of the exclusion zone I’m not sure. Until then, BrewDog are slyly suggesting all interested Cardiffians purchase shares in the latest Equity for Punks scheme so their opinions can be considered with more weight. How’s that for smashing the corporate brew-ocracy.

The Mount Stuart Wetherspoon in Cardiff Bay opened last week. It’s a fairly large, bright and modern pub with plenty of outdoor seating and great views across the Bay. Combined with Wetherspoons’ typically cheap pricing, the sun has drawn people out by the boatload and apparently made the Mount Stuart one of the highest earning Spoons during its inaugural week.

Other bars in the Bay don’t seem bothered by the competition from the Mount Stuart, as the Bay is a popular destination during the current heatwave so there are still enough customers to go around. The Bay is still saturated with generic boozers, though, and somewhat optimistically there are reports of a new build pub in the area to be constructed in the next few months. It’ll be interesting to see who survives after winter rolls around and people once again start avoiding the chilly, windswept Bay area.

I heard all of this from a bloke in the pub, so it must be true.


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