The Rise and Fall of Beer Bloggers



The Current State of Beer Blogging is a survey carried out by Zephyr Adventures, who delivered it as an interesting talk during EBBC. The information that stood out most for me was the graph highlighting how long bloggers had been active for. Given that the survey was based on 260 beer bloggers, most of them from the United States, it’s difficult to draw any meaningful conclusion from this data; nevertheless, I thought it interesting, and have come up with a few potential theories to explain the apparent decline in new blogs:

1: The level of bloggers across the range could actually be more balanced in reality; however, veteran bloggers are perhaps less likely to respond to surveys, due to busy beer-based schedules, and rookie bloggers are not yet ‘on the radar’ in order to be contacted to fill out the survey or to be aware of it and seek to fill it out.

2: (US only) Following recent legislation restricting bloggers in the States, fewer newcomers are willing to become involved in the beer blogging scene.

3: The Craft Boom is over and those who would normally join a movement for the sake of its popularity have instead picked up on the next Big Thing  – craft mead or something like that.


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