Cardiff Homebrew Club

I thought I had some sort of unspoken pact of silence going on with Chris Hall; we both contributed to a beer writing project last month and then we segued seamlessly into an even heavier project this month, one that will probably very seriously kill us to death in a few days time. Although it pretty much limits me from blogging, it’s something we have neither the time nor security clearance to talk about at the moment but, from “embarrassment” caused by his lack of recent blogging, Chris has posted a quick piece.

No doubt this was intended to appease his Craft Wanker readers, all of whom were threatening to do something daft like drink Foster’s unless he broke his blogging silence and gave them a word fix. Meanwhile, in Wales, my reader hasn’t noticed (I promise I’ll call you when I can, Mum). Either way, Chris has now connected us to the crimes we committed last month, so I may as well build my part of the scaffold.

By coincidence, it ties up nicely with something I had intended to blog about anyway. Over at that there Urban Tap House, the Tiny Rebel brewmeisters are launching a homebrew club, with Gareth ‘Gazz’ Williams of Tiny Rebel claiming, “Coming from a homebrew background myself, I could never believe there wasn’t any sort of homebrew clubs in Wales with any real substance, hence the reason for us setting up this club.”

I homebrew as and when I can, and when I moved from Leeds to Cardiff I instantly searched for a homebrew club. They have one in Leeds that’s thriving; alongside a core of decent folk are some leading beer writers, bloggers and amateur brewers that have gone on to become professional brewers. For various reasons I’ve fallen out of the brewing routine over the past six months, but this month I’ve picked up some new kit and the wherewithal to make a serious drive of it.

I hope the homebrew club will be a key part of my brewing. I used to attend a weekly writers’ club and you’d be amazed at how that can spur you on to do more, to do better, but also to appreciate your own work in a new light. There’s always the social element, too.

Even Gazz isn’t sure how the Cardiff Homebrew Club will operate. The launch is planned for the January but there’s a meeting to determine what people want from it and that’s being held on Tuesday 12 November, 7pm upstairs at Urban Tap House. I’d strongly encourage you to contact Gazz (gareth at tinyrebel dot co dot uk) or perhaps just come along if you have any interest in homebrewing. In the meantime, if you’re looking for reading material, there’s always this…


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