Cardiff Homebrew named REBEL Homebrew Club

For those interested in keeping up with the latest developments on the Cardiff Homebrew Club who aren’t on the email list, here are a few updates.

The Club is now officially called the R.E.B.E.L Homebrew Club, which stands for Real Enthusiasts of Brewing on Every Level. Agreed upon by consensus, the name embraces the club’s open-nature, from wine makers and beer brewers to cider pressers and whatever else can be fermented, and of course people of all skills and experiences. There’s also a subtle reference to the brewery behind it all.

An online forum is well underway and should be finished shortly now!

The Ruby Ale competition guidelines have been confirmed and are as follows:

“Beer Style: Any!
Beer Colour: Ruby
ABV: 4%
Bitterness: Up to you!

The winning beer will be brewed for cask only so will need to suit this style of dispense and drinkability to be on the high side.”

Competition entries need to be brought along to the next meeting, which is still provisionally Tuesday 28 January 2014, so come along!


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