BrewDog Cardiff speculations become substantial

Happy New Year y’all.

The P key doesn’t work so well on my keyboard, causing me to strike ever harder each time I need it. Very soon the whole thing will fly apart in a thousand pieces, embedding letters in my face like shrapnel. Who knows, maybe the letters will spell out a blog post when I look in the mirror, or at least a Tweet. Can’t be any worse than what I normally write.

At the risk of serious injury I thought it worth passing on some good news I received a few nights ago*. After months of speculation and rumour it seems BrewDog have finally chosen an actual location for their new bar in Cardiff – 31 Westgate Street. This is according to city councillor Sam Knight (@samknight), who confirms the Scottish punk brewers have lodged an application.

With City Arms, Urban Tap House and Zerodegrees already a minute’s walk away, that whole area is quickly turning into the Craft Beer District. Here’s to 2014!

Update: I forgot to give credit to @LianaSpanner for the initial tip off!


5 thoughts on “BrewDog Cardiff speculations become substantial”

  1. last week when i was in, there is that empty premises next to the Owain Glyndwr pub, looks like an empty restaurant, i thought would be ideal for brewdog when i passed.

    1. I think they’re very keen on moving into a place that won’t need much remedial work. That place used to be a restaurant so it’s possible they don’t have a suitable cellar. In terms of location though, yes, absolutely perfect. In other news, the Waen bar opens in February!

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