Wet January: Day 3 – Brains Dark


For this one I headed over to the Duke of Wellington, a classy little Brains pub in the heart of Cardiff. My intention was to pick up the latest offering from the Brains Craft Brewery, as the Duke always dedicates a tap to whatever has just been produced. Sadly, for the first time in living memory, the tap was dry with nary a pump clip in sight. In hindsight this may be due to the recent Christmas period slowing down production at the Brains’ brewery.

No matter. Brains Dark was on offer, which is not only one of the finest pints of mild going, a classic beer of choice for the wet and cold months, but also an ideal nourisher otherwise known as the lunch time pint.

It’s silky and smooth of body but as light and refreshing as any lager, with a pleasing nutty taste backed up by fruity notes of red berries, raisins and plums, balanced by whispers of coffee and chocolate. The finish is gentle and bittersweet. Genuinely perfect for breaking up the working day without leaving you groggy afterwards.


One thought on “Wet January: Day 3 – Brains Dark”

  1. I must always pick the wrong time to go in there as they’re never seems to be a brains craft on, and the odd occasion there was it was bloomin’ Barry Island i think!! Will keep trying obviously as its nearest when the wife is shopping in John Lewis and I can wander off!

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