Great Welsh Beer Festival 2014

The Great Welsh Beer Festival has come on a long way since it began in the Star Centre in Splott. It has hopped around various venues in Cardiff during its lifetime, with the most recent destination for Wales’ largest beer festival being the Motorpoint Arena. This year it’s about to get a whole lot bigger, as the Great Welsh enters the big leagues and will be touching off at the Millennium Stadium.

Even Wales’ largest pub will only be big enough to cover about a quarter of the famous pitch, so the beer festival has teamed up with other food and drink events to form the W-Ales Festival. This is welcome news for those who enjoyed the beery offering at last year’s Great Welsh but were left somewhat disappointed at the greasy, school canteen fare doled out by the Arena’s in-house caterer.

The bright, open space of the Millenium Stadium will be a more fitting showcase for the growing number of Welsh beers and breweries. CAMRA claim there are now around 70 breweries in Wales, with many of them turning out more innovative and exciting beers than Wales has ever seen before.

The event runs from Thursday 5th to Saturday 7th June, with entry tickets being £10 per day or £25 for three days (advance purchase available from here – also it looks like a group of four can get a group pass for £30, instead of £10 each). It sounds pricy if you think of it purely in the context of just the Great Welsh but the overall W-Ales event should offer even more beer and food.

More details can be found at the official GWBF site and this Wales Online article, and I’ll post more info as and when I come across it. You can also follow the event related Twitter accounts @GWBCF and @WalesBeerFest



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