BrewDog Cardiff: A cheeky sneak peak



It needs no introduction. It has been long awaited. It is almost here. BrewDog Cardiff opens the taps this Friday 25 July.

By crawling in through an unguarded ventilation shaft and using one of those tiny, microfilm cameras popular with spies during the Cold War, I have managed to glean a few glimpses of Cardiff BrewDog’s interior. Obviously, this isn’t what the final product will look like, but this is where it was at last week.

Gleaming like a regiment of soldiers, there are 30 taps in total.
Booths occupy the front left corner of the bar, near the windows.


The centre of the bar is filled by a long, communal table.
Safe, yeah? There’s a downstairs ‘snug’ area, which will feature sofas and pinball machines. This safe will be filled with limited edition BrewDog beer, including Tactical Nuclear Penguin, and these can be won by whoever cracks the safe. Okay, that last bit isn’t true, but come on, cool idea right?
Stripped back. Lean. Gleaming. Industrial. Fonty.
Cardiff BrewDog looks out on to Westgate Street. The doors should also open up, allowing for a little more space on the pavement.

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