Crafty Devil Brewery seeks crowdfunding for canning line

Crafty Devil Brewery of Cardiff have raised a call for fans of their beer to support their next brewery expansion. Crafty Devil are keen on canning but now want to have the capacity to can on-site, rather than send their beer to the contract canner. This, they claim, will improve the freshness of their canned beer. The primary funding goal is an automated canning machine and labeller, with stretch goals including a new pressure tank and works on the brewery.

If you wish to support their effort, and benefit from various bonuses such as beer, invites to their annual party, discounts for life or having a brick named after you, then you can find their IndieGoGo page here.

On Saturday 10 December they are also holding an open march in Cardiff to raise awareness for the project, and then have a few beers afterwards. You can find more details on their Facebook page here.


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