Barry’s Beers #1

A look back at some recent beer tastings with Barry 

High Wire Grapefruit, 5.5% ABV, Magic Rock Brewery

Craig’s review: Grapefruit, pineapple, dusting of dry hops, and peach stone aroma. Strong grapefruit and pineapple taste. Sharp, dry finish. Quite moreish; would be a good beer for a hot day in the sun.

Barry’s reviewt: It’s like alcoholic fucking Lilt. Too sharp and fruity for me but the wife would love tha wi’ some rum in it.


Anchor Saison Spring Ale, 7.2%, Anchor Brewery

Craig’s review: Strong, barley wine-like malt aroma with a sweet and peppery accompaniment. Chewy, sticky sweet taste shot through with a spiced pepper note. Tarry, tangy, medium dry finish. Clove and ginger flavours start to develop over time into a fiery heat. A rich, deliciously complex ale for pondering life with.

Barry’s review: What the fuck is this? It’s like chewing me Gran’s sofa cushions. Send it back.


All 4 One, 4.5% ABV, brewed by Hog’s Back Brewery for the Aldi’s ‘Great British Brewing Co’ range

Craig’s review: A hoppy, pale ale style beer. Dank grass and lemon aromas on the nose; good body to it, fairly bouncy and zingy on the palate, let down by the honey note in the finish which dulls the overall edge. Nothing astonishing but punching well above its weight for the modest price and definitely one to stock up on for casual drinking.

Barry’s review: Not the worst thing yer’ve given me. Bit like chewin’ long grass though. I’m norra fuckin’ goat. Price is alright. Nowt more expensive than ker-raft beer.


Spill the Beans Coffee Porter, 4.4% ABV, brewed by Brain’s Brewery for the Aldi’s ‘Great British Brewing Co’ range

Craig’s review: Absolutely gorgeous, rich, chocolate and coffee aroma, I could sniff it all day. The taste is mellow and sweet, not at all bitter, but delicately balanced toward a mocha-esque flavour. This is where Brain’s excels. Like the Hog’s Back All 4 One, it punches well and is worthy of the modest price tag.

Barry’s review: It’s dark! You’ve cocked that pour. What is this? It’s fizzy coffee. Why am I drinkin’ fizzy coffee? You daft pillock. I want beer.


Craft & Origin, 11.5%

Craig’s review: Erm… very bright and clear, green-gold hue, not much in the way of carbonation or head though. A characteristically fruity aroma, backed up by a very clean, fruity taste of apples and… ahem, grapes. Medium sweet finish.

Barry’s review: It’s fuckin’ wine, you bell-end! Now I know this whole craft beer thing is a con.

Craig: Yes, okay, it’s wine. The label fooled me.

Barry: You berk.



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