Cardiff News and Rumours: May

police squad

 “What’s the word on the street, Jonny?”

May’s delivery from the Cardiff rumour mill is a bit late, I’m sorry to report. Still, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some interesting slices of gossip being served around. The most interesting of these is the news that Chapter Arts is establishing its own brewhouse. They’ve apparently been given the green light but the proposed site will need plenty of clearing and renovation before the plant can be installed.

Chapter Arts has a reputation for hosting beer festivals inside their venue, and recently the Maibock German Beer Festival went down a storm earlier this month. They also serve a quality range of real ales and bottles. It’s just a shame the venue itself looks like a school canteen.

The Mount Stuart is due to open in the Bay on 9 July: the new Wetherspoons is claiming the former Harry Ramsden’s restaurant overlooking Cardiff Bay. It’s bound to put the cat amongst the pigeons as, in all fairness, the Bay is already at pub saturation point. The White Hart will be the most likely casualty, while the Eli Jenkins and The Packet will have a fight on their hands.

On the topic of Brains’ pubs, it seems the Old Arcade, the Duke of Wellington and the Cottage are having something of a shift around with the management. Exact details are unconfirmed at this stage.

And on the topic of Brains themselves, their Craft Brewery celebrates its first anniversary at the end of this month. Well done guys.

I heard all of this from a bloke in the pub, so it must be true.


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